The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez, winner of the 2019 Berkshire Prize for a First or Second Book of Poetry, chosen by Oliver de la Paz, forthcoming from Tupelo Press

Poetry and Prose

“Elegy Falling Forward and Down,” “Ours,” “You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies,” and “Domestic Violence” in Poetry

“Distancing” in Digging Through The Fat

“Another Selena Poem” in Oxford American

“Recovery at the Point Past Annihilation” and “Reyna Angélica Marroquín Lives inside My iPhone” in diode

“Holy” in [PANK]

“Mexican American Sonnet” and “Mexican American Sonnet” in Puro Chicanx Writers in the 21st Century Anthology, edited by Terry Acevedo, Beth Alvarado, Octavio Quintanilla, Carmen Tafolla, Luis Alberto Urrea, Edward Vidaurre, and Pamela Uschuck

“Hero’s Journey” and “I Steal from Everyone” in Quarterly West

“Angleton Elegy” and “¡Mira, Mira!” in Hindsight Magazine

“Lorena Bobbit As” and “Mexican American Sonnet Standing in the Center of Houston and Looking South” in Matter

“Mexican American Sonnet” in Poem-a-Day on September 19, 2019, by the Academy of American Poets

“Cities & Desire” in Art Focus Oklahoma

“Houston Astros Sign Osuna Despite Local Outrage” in Gulf Coast

“Tabloid for Inocencio Rodriguez” and “Savanna’s Act” in petrichor

“Take Me Out” in Bodies Built for Game, edited by Natalie Diaz and Hannah Ensor

“Milieu,” “The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez,” and “The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez” in Latin American Literature Today

“Doble-Elegy” and “Antisonnet for Alfonsina Storni” in Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas

“Ode” in Vinegar and Char: Southern Food in Verse, edited by Sandra Beasley

“Collective Memory,” featured in Frontier Poetry “Exceptional Poetry From Around the Web: March 2018”

“The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez” and “Domestic Violence” in the Scalawag Southern Latinx Poetry Series

“The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness,” “Bettie Page Finds Jesus,” “Michael Vick is  Still Apologizing Somewhere for Abusing Dogs,” “The Girls Gone Up in Smoke,” and “Love Letter to Scott Peterson” in Waxwing

“Elegy to the 1950s Waist” in Nightjar Review

“Hoax” in RHINO

“I Watched a Bat Kill Itself in Yuma” in The Arkansas International

“Looking at Women,” featured on the Best American Poetry blog

“Collective Memory,” “The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez,” “Texas Killing Fields,” “The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez,” and “The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez” in Virginia Quarterly Review

“Ekphrasis for a Photo Found after the Flood” and “Ekphrasis for a Photo Taken after the Flood” in Gravy

“Dear America,” finalist for the 2017 Gwendolyn Brooks Centennial Poetry Prize in Obsidian

“I Leave,” featured in The Literary Review

“Elegy for a Quinceañera Dress” in Apogee

“Marfa Lights” and “Houston” in The Boiler

“Post-Elect” in The Nation

“Bird Atlas,” “Jess,” and “Interrogation” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“Injection Well” and “Drag” in West Branch

“Tabloid for Judy Garland,” finalist in the 2016 Grist ProForma Contest

“The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez” in Miracle Monocle

“Elegy for Kanye West” and “True Crime Addict” in Banango Street

“Dolled Up,” “‘November Rain’ Triptych,” and “Obituaries” in The Broken Plate

“Tabloid for Jayne Mansfield,” “Tabloid for Lupe Vélez,” and “Tabloid for Lori Erica Ruff” in Puerto del Sol

“Texas Seven” in Juked

“Last Seen” in Midwestern Gothic

“The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez” in New Plains Review

“Rita Hayworth Triptych” and “White Mexican Girl” in The Acentos Review

“The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez” and “The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez” in New South

“Landscape with Graceland Crumbling in My Hands,” “A Transitional Time for Planets,” and “Ken Caminiti Dies in a Houston Hotel” in Pittsburgh Poetry Review

“‘Just Like Heaven,’ The Cure” in Coldfront Magazine‘s Poets off Poetry: Song of the Week Series

“Miscarriage” and “Watching The Last Days of Left Eye” in Up the Staircase Quarterly: ’90s-Themed Issue

“White Mexican Girl,” “Still Life with Aunt Carmen at Bravo’s Mexican Restaurant, 2009,” and “My Grandmother as Erté’s Starstruck” in Somos En Escrito

“One-Night Stand with The Birds in the Background” and “Tequila, Cinnamon, Orange”  in Banango Street

“Tabloid for the Black Dahlia” and “Tabloid for JonBenét Ramsey” in Bennington Review

“Self-Portrait with Headphones On” in Third Coast

“Elegy 2,” “I Leave,” and “La Estrella” in Blackbird

Creative Nonfiction

“Ghost Story” and “Love Story,” forthcoming in Grist

“Selena Cover Band,” forthcoming in Selena Anthology 

Short Essay

“Shoebox” in proFmagazine

“A ‘Wish for Someplace Else’: Latinx Poetry as Community” in Read Diverse Books


Curated Conversation(s): Sara Lupita Olivares with Iliana Rocha (video)

“’The Four Corners, the Edges, and Various Colors’: An Interview with Ángel García,” in Waxwing


“Everything that Ever Happens in a Place Has an Edge”: Lucia LoTempio’s Hot with the Bad Things, forthcoming in Third Coast

“‘Unpacking its Tamer Beasts,’ Mary Biddinger’s Partial Genius” in Waxwing



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